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November 2020

5 tips for Developing a Simple and Impactful Presentation 
Presentations are always there to make, and an effective presentation is always important, especially in today’s COVID times with remote working. We expect remote working to the new way of working in the future too.  

Following are some very useful tips for making simple and effective presentations  

1. Keep it simple, especially your key messages.
Ensure you do not clutter the presentation with lot of details. Just the key points – key messages and key points should be given in presentation. Remember users don’t read, they are here to listen to you.  

2. Use less than 10 slides for an hour’s meeting
Develop your storyline with key messages and take away. Have as many slides to support your key messages but add these supporting slides in the appendix ( instead of main presentation flow ). Have the summarization and story line in the main section with less than 10 slides

3. Use quality visuals. Ensure copyright.

Use images for conveying your story and messages. Use images from well known providers,, adobe etc. 

4. Capture the emotions of your storyline.

“A picture is worth a thousand words”. Consider you are undertaking a massive program for your organization, and you are determined to make this program successful, use images that captures your energy, passion and determination.

5. Always end with a Call to Action

For any meeting to be fruitful, to reach the desired outcome, always end your meeting with a call to action. List out the immediate action items, complete with names and dates. Clearly mention the key asks / lead towards key actions and set clear due or milestone dates.

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