December Newsletter 2020

PowerPoint Branding Tips 

Leveraging Master Slides 

Every slide we present should have the logo and specified color combination will reflect company theme. Without a doubt, color affects our emotions and behaviors and plays a critical role in designing a successful logo. So make sure that you pick the right banner or footer.

Create your branding in PowerPoint slide. For that first create a SlideMaster. Then create few templates under slide master with company logo and colour combination.

Colors affect our emotions and behavior and play a critical role in designing a successful logo. Your company logo and company color theme creates a brand for you. Your company color theme can be a combination of colors in your logo or can be related to colors in logo.

Using the logo and company color theme everywhere creates a brand recall effect; people will recall your company and products when they see your logo and color theme.

Every slide you present should have the company logo and should follow the company color theme. Also, make sure that you pick the right banner and footer.

To create your company branding in PowerPoint slides, first, create your Slide Master. After Slide Master is ready, create your company templates under slide master with the company logo and color theme.

Below are the steps to follow in PowerPoint to create Slide Master and company templates that follow your brand

1. Go to View menu and click on the Slide Master

2. Within Slide Master create your branding. Pick your company logo, branding color, and use it for the title banner

As a best practice, at a minimum, create a header slide layout, content slide layout, and conclusion slide layout.

3.Creating Your Company Branded Slide Master Layouts

1- Bring your company logo into your Master Slide layout. Place the logo in the Header layout and content layout.

2- Design your header or content layout using shapes from Insert->Shapes. Pick a dominant color from the logo and assign it to shapes 

For Example, the above header layout is designed using 1 rectangle bar and 5  circles. you can be creative with your designs.

4.Close Master View and start developing your Brand Slides!!  Yay!!

Now your insert slides will have 3 options to pick from.

5. You now have beautiful branded slides for your story

Happy Story Developing !!

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