We are going through an unprecedented situation. Businesses are facing challenges in these uncertain times. Business continuity plan helps businesses run the functions or resume the business operations in an event like COVID

STEP 1 – Communication from the senior management

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Assure employees about the business continuity and your plans

STEP 2 – Identify impacted areas/locations

Identify impacted locations, sites for your business

STEP 3 – Assess the Business Impact

List the projects or businesses or units which are impacted. Look at the forecast of your business for the coming months. Carefully look at the expenses and cost of operations

STEP 4 – Explore Digital Transformation

Explore Collaboration Platforms like Microsoft Teams, Google G Suite, Slack, etc

Enable Desk workers to work remotely. Explore Virtual Desktops on Cloud

Move your IT infrastructure to Cloud

Explore SaaS Platforms for your Business Operations. Example – Expense Management, Time tracking, People on-boarding, Training

STEP 5 – Communicate with your Employees

Communicate with your Employees about Safety and Policies

For Additional Steps/Slides, please refer to FREE COVID Slides in Slides365 Add-in

Please download free Business Continuity Plan PowerPoint Slides from Slides365 Add-in from Microsoft

If your organization does not support Add-in in PowerPoint, please use your Microsoft Live or Outlook Id to download in PowerPoint Online

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