Insert Online Video in PowerPoint

Build Professional Presentations Yourself PowerPoint Tip – Insert an online video In a hurry for a presentation? Don’t worry. Concentrate on your story, we’ll take care of slide designs for you.  Choose and download creative slide designs from Slides365, add your content and you are ready to present. 

Rocket Launch Animation in your PowerPoint

Build Professional Presentations Yourself Do you want to make a Rocket Launch Animation in your PowerPoint? You have to launch your program and want to impress your audience? Start your presentation with a Rocket Launch.The right visuals in your presentation will boost energy in your team and audience. Above video will guide you step by […]

Impactful Presentations through Slides Animation

Build Professional Presentations Yourself Make an impact on your audience using Slides Animation.  One of our customers used Slides Animation to explain TECH INTENSITY.  Watch Shashi Koteshwara explaining TECH INTENSITY using Slides Animation Interested? You can download animation slides and other slide templates from Slides365.  Visit our blog

Your PowerPoint Assistant is here

Wishing you a Happy and Safe 2021 Do you end up spending a lot of time on PowerPoint designs, templates instead of core content and storyline? Your PowerPoint Assistant is here 1. Build Templates/Slides Yourself Leverage thousands of predefined templates for your requirement. Pay as low as $1/slide 2. On Demand Custom Design for you […]

Branding using PowerPoint

December Newsletter 2020 PowerPoint Branding Tips  Leveraging Master Slides  Every slide we present should have the logo and specified color combination will reflect company theme. Without a doubt, color affects our emotions and behaviors and plays a critical role in designing a successful logo. So make sure that you pick the right banner or footer. […]

Don’t burn the midnight oil for making Presentations, use Slides365

Build quality Presentations yourself                             October 2020 Don’t burn the midnight oil for making Presentations, use Slides365 Genie to the rescue – Just in time Slides for your story As you build your presentation, you can search for key words and get professional quality Slides/Designs and Icons. Check out our Pay Per Usage option with Free Subscription […]

Business Continuity Plan for COVID

We are going through an unprecedented situation. Businesses are facing challenges in these uncertain times. Business continuity plan helps businesses run the functions or resume the business operations in an event like COVID STEP 1 – Communication from the senior management Assure employees about the business continuity and your plans STEP 2 – Identify impacted […]

5 Hacks for Presenting Cloud Migration

Consider you are a Cloud Transformation leader and need to present to your CXO on need and means to migrate to Cloud Platform. There is a plethora of options, how will you convey you plan concisely, and with clarity to your audience? With the world moving to remote working, you may not always have the benefit […]

Build Professional Presentations Yourself

We are familiar with these questions in the business world There are many slide templates in the market, but no solution provides just in time, inside the PowerPoint which guides and helps to build professional quality presentations. My manager asked me to develop a project plan and present it? Where do I start? I started […]
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