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October 2020

Don’t burn the midnight oil for making Presentations, use Slides365

Genie to the rescue – Just in time Slides for your story

As you build your presentation, you can search for key words and get professional quality Slides/Designs and Icons.

Check out our Pay Per Usage option with Free Subscription

1. Add paid slides/icon sets to cart (minimum 3 paid items) and click on download

2. Pay the amount as prompted. Once payment is successful, slides/icon sets are downloaded and displayed in separate PowerPoint window.

In the past 90 days, we introduced two new templates – Proposal and Cloud Migration. We have also added 100 Slides in AI/Bigdata/Cloud/Digital Transformation/IoT. Also added 30 slides under various templates and 150 icons.

Introducing Our Team members

Thulasi Devi, Developer. She joined us as a developer and is responsible for the core components of our application. She handles all major and minor changes to the application. She’s also a trained Carnatic singer and an excellent cook. Her perfect idea for stress relief would be indulging in the culinary arts to the tune of a melody.  

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