Shift Google Login To Custom

Message to Existing Google Users

We find many Google users facing issues to login to Slides365 add-in. For now, we are removing Google login, and request existing Google users to shift login method to Email / password. The Email used should match email associated with Google login.  


Your account and related subscription, order history, items in cart will all be retained – only Login method will change.  


For example, if your Google ID was associated with, you should use the email to login using Email. Password for Email login can be setup using steps below.  


Step 1 – Go to login screen (click on Person icon in top menu – highlighted below).

Check the “I agree” checkbox and click on “Existing Google Users” button in the Login screen

Change Google to Email Login screen comes up.


Step 2 – In Change Google to Email Login screen, enter Email (email should match the email associated with your Google account).

Click on “Send Verification Code” Button. Reset Password screen comes up.


Step 3 – Please check verification code sent to your email from Slides365 ( if you did not get email in INBOX, please check your spam and promotions folder).  

In add-in, enter verification code and set your password as shown below.

Step 4 – Click on Person icon to login. Enter Email, password and click on Login button.

After successful login, you can insert/download slides of your choice.


If you face any issues, do write to us at We’ll be glad to help you.