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I signed up with my Google account but do not see Sign in with Google in the add-in. How can I login?

We find many Google users facing issues while signing in to the Slides365 add-in. For now, we are removing Google login and request existing Google users to shift their login method to Email/password. The Email used should match the email associated with your Google account.

Your account and related subscription, order history, items in cart will all be retained – only Login method will change.

If you are an existing Google user, please follow the instructions given here to change login method to Email/password.

Can I sign up with my Google ID?

You can sign up with Email associated with Google account and set your own secure password (we have removed Google login option till further updates).

  1. Click on  person icon on slides365 app top menu bar.
  2. Click on ” Sign Up” to sign up with Email.

Can I sign up with my Microsoft School/Work account?


  1. Click on  person icon on slides365 app top menu bar.
  2. Use” Sign Up with Microsoft ” option .

How can I stop renewal of my subscription?

  1. Sign in  to Slides365 PowerPoint add-in
  2. Go to account page ( click on person icon in top menu )
  3. Your subscription details will be displayed
  4. Uncheck the Auto-Renew checkbox and click on save button.

How can I see my past orders? Can I download slides that were ordered earlier?

You can view your orders for the past 6 months in Order History section of Account page .You can download slides ordered in the past 6 months anytime from order history.

I'm on free plan. How can I buy a paid slide ? I do not want to subscribe to any plan/package as if now.

  1. Sign in to slides365 add-in
  2. You can browse from home page or search for slides
  3. On slides/icons that you are interested click on “Add to cart”
  4. You need to add slides worth $3 to cart
  5. Go to Cart.( click on cart icon in menu )
  6. Click on button ” Download “. Select option ” “Pay per Usage “, Click on button ” Download/Insert “

Can I login with company ID?

if you are using Microsoft work/school account, Then you can sign in with Microsoft.
You can use sign in with google, if your company account is google account

Can I downgrade my plan?


I do not have a Google or Microsoft account. How can I sign up?

Please use “Sign up with email” option.

I'm on free plan. Can I buy 2 paid slides? I do not want to subscribe to any plan/package as if now.

No, You need to purchase slides for  minimum USD 3 .

I'm on $3.99/month subscription, and have already bought 10 paid slides. Can I buy one more paid slide?

$3.99/month plan  covers 10 paid slides in a month(Premium slides not allowed). If you want to buy premium slides you can use pay per usage option. You need to purchase for minimum USD 3

I subscribed to premium plan. I bought only 6 paid items in my first month. Will 4 slides of 1st month be carried over to next month?

No, there is no carry over to next month, In the next month, you’ll get credit of 10 paid slides .(No premium slides)

I want to add a slide to cart. However, I would like to see the slide in detail before adding to cart. How can I do that?

Before adding to cart, you can view the slide in detail using lens option.

If I'm on "$3.99"monthly plan, can I buy premium slides ?

Yes, You can buy by using “Pay per usage” option. You can also upgrade your plan to 30/60/120 USD plans.

What are Premium slides?

Premium slides have more  Graphics/ Images and Animation slides. These slides costs more than price USD 1

What happens to amount left in my subscription. Will it be carried over to next cycle?

No. There is no carry over to next cycle.

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