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How can I sign up with my Google ID?

Goto Sign In / Sign Up page and Sign Up with your google id

Can I sign up with my Microsoft School/Work account?

Currently Sign up with Microsoft is for pesonal Microsoft accounts.Please use “Sign up with Email”.                                                                                                Once we enahnce “Sign up with Microsoft”, you’ll have option to move “Sign up with Email” into “Sign up with Microsoft”

How can I cancel a Premium subscription?

After Sign In goto account page by clicking on person icon on top right corner .Then click on Cancel Subscription button.

How can I subscribe to premium plan and what are the benefits of premium plan?

Consider you subscribed to Premium plan on 5th July 2020.
You current cycle is 5th July to 4th August 2020.On 20th July 2020, you cancel the subscription.After cancellation, your subscription will be valid till 4th August 2020.
From 5th August 2020, you’ll not be on Premium plan, but will move to Free plan.

How can I see my past orders? Can I download slides that were ordered earlier?

You can view your orders for the past 6 month in Order History section of Account page                                                                                                              You can download slides ordered in the past 6 months anytime from order history

I'm on free plan. How can I buy a paid slide?

When you are on free plan, you can buy paid items by paying $1 per slide. You need to buy minimum 3 paid slides

I do not have a google or personal Microsoft account. How can I sign up?

Please use “Sign up with email” option.

I'm on free plan. Can I buy 2 paid slides?

No, you need to buy minimum 3 paid slides.

I'm on Premium subscription, and have already bought 10 paid slides. Can I buy one ore paid slide. ?

Premium subscription covers 10 paid slides. If you want to buy more, you’ll be charged at $1 per extra paid slide.

I subscribed to premium plan. I bought only 6 paid items in my first month. Will 4 slides of 1st month be carried over to next month. ?

No, there is no carry over to next month, In second month, you’ll have a credit of 10 paid slides only.

I want to add a slide to cart. However, I would like to see the slide in detail before adding to cart. How can I do that?

Before adding to cart, you can view the slide in details using lens option.

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