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How can I sign up with my Google ID?

Goto Sign In / Sign Up page and Sign Up with your google id

Can I sign up with my Microsoft School/Work account?

Currently Sign up with Microsoft is for personal Microsoft accounts. Please use “Sign up with Email”.                                                                                                Once we release “Sign up with Microsoft” to use school/work accounts you’ll get  option to use same email id  with “Sign up with Microsoft”.

How can I cancel a Premium subscription?

  1. Sign in  to Slides365 PowerPoint add-in
  2. Go to account page ( click on person icon in top menu )
  3. Your subscription details will be displayed
  4. Click on button “Cancel Subscription”

How can I subscribe to premium plan and what are the benefits of premium plan?

  1. Go to account page (click on person icon highlighted above. )
  2. In account page click on button “Subscribe” inside the plan details.Payment page is displayed now
  3. In payment page, enter credit card number , expiration, cvc
  4. Click on button “Pay $3.99”
  5. After successful payment, go to account page .Your current subscription details will be displayed in account page

Benefits : For each month under subscription, 10 paid items ( slides/icons ) are free to download. From 11th paid item will be charged $1 per slide/icon

How can I see my past orders? Can I download slides that were ordered earlier?

You can view your orders for the past 6 month in Order History section of Account page                                                                                                              You can download slides ordered in the past 6 months anytime from order history

I'm on free plan. How can I buy a paid slide?

  1. Sign in to slides365 add-in
  2. You can browse from home page or search for slides
  3. On slides/icons that you are interested click on “Add to cart”
  4. You need to add minimum 3 paid slides to cart
  5. Go to Cart.( click on cart icon in menu )
  6. Click on button ” Download “. Select option ” $1 Per Slide “, Click on button ” Download “

I do not have a google or personal Microsoft account. How can I sign up?

Please use “Sign up with email” option.

I'm on free plan. Can I buy 2 paid slides?

No, you need to buy minimum 3 paid slides.

I'm on Premium subscription, and have already bought 10 paid slides. Can I buy one ore paid slide. ?

Premium subscription covers 10 paid slides in a month. From 11th slide onwards you will be charged  $1 per paid slide .

I subscribed to premium plan. I bought only 6 paid items in my first month. Will 4 slides of 1st month be carried over to next month. ?

No, there is no carry over to next month, In second month, you’ll have a credit of 10 paid slides only.

I want to add a slide to cart. However, I would like to see the slide in detail before adding to cart. How can I do that?

Before adding to cart, you can view the slide in detail using lens option.

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